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Who we are

We deal exclusively with the motoring needs of the funeral industry and understand your unique business needs. If you need assistance with finding the right funeral vehicle or associated parts, services or accessories then talk to us today.

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What we do

Funeralcar.co.za is Southern Africa's online search portal that caters to the specific motoring needs of the funeral industry by providing a unique and diverse platform to advertise industry related vehicles, associated products and services as well as assisting with the procurement of quotes.

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Our services extend to the advertising of suitable vehicles for first call, hearses, family vehicles, MPV's, conversions, assisting with obtaining comprehensive quotes, rentals, fleet management and much more.

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Whatever funeral vehicle you require. Whether its for use as a hearse, removal vehicle, MPV, family vehicle, even associated vehicles such as ambulances, mini buses, buses, trucks and trailers. We can help!

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We provide you with a popular online platform to advertise your new / pre -owned vehicles, to find you a suitable buyer, quick and easy.

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We provide you with body builders/vehicle converters recognized and recommended by the funeral and motor industry who are well equipped to assist with your vehicle conversion.

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VWSA announces greater commitment to the funeral industry

VWSA is very excited to have become a partner of FuneralCar.co.za.
We strongly believe we have a range of vehicle models available to service the Funeral Industry’s special requirements.
Working with FuneralCar.co.za, and closer with the Funeral Industry in Southern Africa, helps us to better understand the needs of the Industry in terms of vehicle application and tailored vehicle conversions.
We are able to offer fully converted vehicles, tailor built for / to fit the various applications of the Funeral Industry without compromising the vehicle warranty.

Recommendation Letter

The management of South African Funeral Supplies would hereby like to commend Rachel Stead for the fantastic contribution she has made in the vehicles space within the funeral industry. Her vision to create a platform where ‘all things vehicle’ can be accessed and shared is a welcomed one. She has been instrumental in exposing the funeral industry’s needs and wants to the motoring sector and the driving force being their participation in industry events.

Thank you to everyone who entered our Battery Buddy Competition!

We have a Winner!!

Congrats to Mr Libo Mnisi of Mvuleni Funeral Services!

You have won a Battery Buddy (Model #6) with compliments of Kia Motors Fourways and Funeralcar.co.za!

The Funeral Industry and Assistance to Families of Crash Victims

Valuable information and input from the South African Funeral Industry to assist families of crash victims.

(Special thanks to Elsabe from Grobbelaars & Church Funeral Services / Brokers and Deon from Martins Funerals South Africa for your insightful contributions)

#ArriveAlive #FuneralCar.co.za

What is the rear floor length required for vehicles serving the needs of the funeral industry?

This is a question we often get asked by our friends in the motor industry.
The most popular answer we receive from our friends in the funeral industry would be "2,25m"(However, this length can vary according to various applications, personal preferences, preferred configurations and other factors.)

To the motor industry in SA...If we can offer a suggestion when selling/renting / leasing vehicles for the service of the funeral industry it would be this:

Why is it called a "hearse?"

Hearse was originally spelled herse, coming to English from French herse. It entered English in the late 13th century. It is thought to come from Latin hirpex "large rake used as a harrow". A harrow is a sort of plough which is used, after the land has been furrowed, in order to break up clods, remove weeds, etc. It is made of a frame of timber into which teeth or tines are set. Apparently, the original hearses resembled the "harrow" herse, hence the name.


Another special delivery of hearses by Kia Motors Fourways

To add the Kia Sedona to your fleet please feel welcome to contact Rikus on
+27 (11) 5402000
+27 (82) 3892110

Deliveries nationwide



Before the automobile became widely popular, funeral processions in the U.S. were led either on foot or by horse-and-carriage. Most funeral homes had a dedicated funeral hearse, elaborately decorated for a respectful procession to the church. or graveyard.
The historical photograph (by the Library of Congress) shows a horse-drawn hearse and it's driver outside Neil Regan Funeral Home in Pennsylvania, around 1900. The horse is fitted out with a decorative caparison, a type of cape, for the solemn occasion. In South Africa today, we have funeral parlours offering this historically respected service.

If you would like to add a horse drawn hearse to your fleet, kindly contact Otto at Hedo on 082 551 4042


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