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We deal exclusively with the motoring needs of the funeral industry and understand your unique business needs. If you need assistance with finding the right funeral vehicle or associated parts, services or accessories then talk to us today.

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What we do is Southern Africa's online search portal that caters to the specific motoring needs of the funeral industry by providing a unique and diverse platform to advertise industry related vehicles, associated products and services as well as assisting with the procurement of quotes.

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Our services extend to the advertising of suitable vehicles for first call, hearses, family vehicles, MPV's, conversions, assisting with obtaining comprehensive quotes, rentals, fleet management and much more.

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Whatever funeral vehicle you require. Whether its for use as a hearse, removal vehicle, MPV, family vehicle, even associated vehicles such as ambulances, mini buses, buses, trucks and trailers. We can help!

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We provide you with a popular online platform to advertise your new / pre -owned vehicles, to find you a suitable buyer, quick and easy.

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We provide you with body builders/vehicle converters recognized and recommended by the funeral and motor industry who are well equipped to assist with your vehicle conversion.

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The Motoring Website for the Funeral Industry

Cross-Border Road Transport Agency

The Cross-Border Road transport Agency operates under strict guidelines set by the Department of Transport and relevant national legislation, Cross-Border Road Transport Act no 4 of 1998.

A request has been received by the statutory body, C-BRTA, that all funeral parlours that are involved in cross-border road repatriations should adhere to the requirements set out in R363, Regulations relating to the management of human remains.

The Cross-Border Road Transport Agency (C-BRTA) exists to improve the cross-border flow of commuters and freight operators who make use of road transport.



Specialists in Vehicle Wraps, Vehicle Branding, Fleet Branding and Digital Printing

Ruan Greef from Wrap-my-Ride:
Ultimate Winner of FESPA Africa 2015
2nd in World Wrap Masters 2016.

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#RidenDrive Limpopo 😎

Heading out from Fusion Boutique Hotel to Ebenezer Dam! 24/04/2019

Special words of thanks: to our friends from the funeral industry in Limpopo, participating motor dealers, Derek and Mo from MasterDrive, Fusion Boutique Hotel, Iron Crown Pub and Bistro, our medics - Derek and Willie from Bustruck ( medic plus our sweeper)... and last but not least our incredible team of photographers! πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
(Meshela - Two Mountains, Rene - Avbob and Johnny - Isuzu you were our stand out photographers of the day!! πŸ˜‰)
#doingbusinessdifferently #bringingindustriestogether #onroadwithfuneralcar #multibrand #specialised #ridendriveeventsforthefuneralindustry #southernafrica
* we come! 😎

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Funeral Processions and Red Robots:

"Has anyone noticed this too...? ...a funeral procession passes straight through red robots or stop streets without Metro Police or points man controlling the intersection?
They have their hazards (some) on and their car lights and then because they are off to a funeral, they ignore all rules of the road. Is it so urgent to bury the dead that we must endanger the lives of the living?
Without the correct permission and the correct paperwork funeral processions must at all times obey all traffic laws and regulations."
- Derek Kirkby
Training Director, MasterDrive

Did You Know?

A bier was the first type of carrying device used to move remains. Made up of a flat wooden form, the body, wrapped in a shroud, or the coffin box was placed upon this framework and carried by hand to the burial place. This framework became known as a hearse: a way to transport the body or coffin.
Biers are still used today but are made of aluminum and have wheels for ease of movement. Also known as a church truck, it is used to move the casket to and from the church or funeral home. These hand-carried hearses evolved into horse-drawn wagons during the 17th century.
#interestingfacts #historyofthechurchtrolley

The Motoring Website for the Funeral Industry



Is driving a left hand drive car allowed in South Africa?

As per the AA:

"A left hand drive vehicle may be driven in South Africa if it was first registered in the country on or before, 23 July 2004. The current owner may dispose / transfer ownership of the vehicle. However, importing left hand drive vehicles into South Africa is no longer allowed."

The Motoring Website for the Funeral Industry



Recommendation Letter

The management of South African Funeral Supplies would hereby like to commend Rachel Stead for the fantastic contribution she has made in the vehicles space within the funeral industry. Her vision to create a platform where ‘all things vehicle’ can be accessed and shared is a welcomed one. She has been instrumental in exposing the funeral industry’s needs and wants to the motoring sector and the driving force being their participation in industry events.

What is the rear floor length required for vehicles serving the needs of the funeral industry?

This is a question we often get asked by our friends in the motor industry.
The most popular answer we receive from our friends in the funeral industry would be "2,25m"(However, this length can vary according to various applications, personal preferences, preferred configurations and other factors.)

To the motor industry in SA...If we can offer a suggestion when selling/renting / leasing vehicles for the service of the funeral industry it would be this:


Many have been asking....

Today we paid a visit to the "New" SA Limo... where we were welcomed by quite a few sets of brothers.

SA Brothers Conversions in association with Florida Panelbeaters ( - check out their fantastic credentials and services on offer!) have taken over SA Limousines... the company is now called SA Brothers Conversions.