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Martins Funerals Franchisees around the country were recently treated to experience the New Ford Tourneo Connect Hearse, very kindly specced and provided by Tacita Peters at Kempster Ford Umgeni.

Here would be the findings and feedback from the various franchisees:

The vehicle is comfortable to drive and controls are easy to reach.

The vehicle was tested by a few and the size on the inside was big enough and comfortably takes a casket.

A removable floor can be installed with ease.

The ease at which the seats are put down and back up was commended.

The space when people were transported was also more than sufficient as a family car.

The engine lag in lower gears takes quite a while to get used to. (auto transmission may be a preferable option for our application)

The hands-free Bluetooth option needs to be familiarised with.

Understandably, on the open road, the vehicle was a bit unstable in windy conditions. ( to be aware of)

Diesel consumption on the open road good; understandably stop start driving in town not as economical.

The shape of the vehicle was liked by some, and not preferred by others…as we understand the industry to be…it was very area specific

Well received by clients that enjoy a personalised flavour to their fleet.

This Ford hearse overseas is currently growing in popularity and is affectionately known as a “hearsette”.

Thank you, Deon Koekemoer and our friends at Martins Funerals for your valued feedback.

To add a Ford “hearsette” to your fleet contact Tacita @ Kempster Ford Umgeni on 082 446 3096.